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Ft Lauderdale Extraction Exercise and Jade Helm Psyop An Act Of War On American People


"Failure to Obey" Documentary on Checkpoint Refusal (full movie)


Broadcaster: Very Soon It'll Be Outed That Obama Not Born On American Soil


Although Ted Cruz is right on a number of issues, there is one issue
that will ensure America's demise, and that's even more immigration.  As
more socialists and communist enter this country in this massive
invasion, America's culture of freedom will be lost forever to people
who will vote it out of existence.  And that is the poison pill of Ted
Cruz's political philosophy.  As Ted said himself,

"Secondly, I believe we should expand legal immigration, reduce the barriers, reduce the waiting periods and I've introduced two amendments to significantly expand legal immigration, to double the caps on legal immigration from 675,000 to 1.3 million and to increase temporary high skilled workers by 500%."

And this at a time when these so-called "High Skilled Workers" are replacing highly skilled Americans.  Not to mention everyone else.

Collusion Or Coincidence? ATF’s Ammo Ban Identical to UN Ammo Ban

Ammoland – by Jeff Moran

Geneva – -( For much of the past month, the American shooting industry and pro-gun civil arms rights groups, along with the majority of lawmakers on Capitol Hill,[1] have been rightly preoccupied with the Obama Administration’s latest gun control proposal to effectively ban common center-fire ammunition used in popular AR-15 style rifles and pistols.

The resignation of the BATF Director last week should not be the end of the story however…the Senate and House Judiciary Committees should question the acting Director of the BATF, along with other officials at the Departments of State and Justice on the apparent transnational dimension of the aborted ammo ban.

The fact is that the 13 February BATF ammo ban is linked through timing, content, and “covert” or “off the books” US involvement to a nearly identical United Nations plan released for comment to a small group of pre-approved experts on 19 January 2015.[2]

Setting aside the questions raised by the Administration’s January “publishing error” detailing current law as if the proposed ban was adopted months prior when in fact the proposal hadn’t even been made public,[3] the apparent violation of Administrative Procedures Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 533),[4] and the less than credible justification given by the White House Press Secretary on 2 March,[5],

I submit that new attention needs to be given to the transnational dimension of this latest gun control initiative because of the appearance on its face that the Obama Administration has secretly been offshoring its domestic firearms policymaking to democratically unaccountable officials in the United Nations, for years.

Was the recent BATF ammo ban the result of years of secret coordination to get around Capitol Hill lawmakers? Was it all just a coincidence? Why has the US been so silent on the controversial small arms control standards that have been published by the UN over the years? Whatever the truth is, Americans must know more, and should demand two things as a minimum:

  1. A full accounting of the US involvement in the UN’s International Small Arm Control Standards (ISACS) multi-stakeholder initiative (MSI), and
  2. A declarative statement of position on the broader model national regulation the UN proposed on 19 January 2015.

The following is a summary of the linkages between the BATF ammo ban and the UN’s nearly identical proposed ammo ban:

  1. Timing. The BATF’s 13 February proposal[6] to effectively ban certain 5.56mm ammunition was in fact preceded by the UN’s nearly identical proposal on 19 January, which was open for comment to a closed group that included US government officials. TSM Worldwide LLC sent an alert about this UN proposal on 5 February to various media outlets, selected US national lawmakers, and various trade, sporting, and pro-gun civil society organizations.[7]
  2. Content. The UN’s proposed ban on center-fire armor piercing ammunition starts with a new definition on page 2 that actually adopts the identical two-part definition found in current BATF regulations, minus language for exemptions for sporting purposes and minus any mention of the SS109 and M855 types of 5.56mm ammunition the BATF sought to ban. The UN’s proposed ban picks up on page 4 with an unambiguous categorical ammo ban. This ban was part of a comprehensive 2015 proposed international standard titled “National regulation of civilian access to small arms and light weapons,” which was last proposed in 2011 as model national “legislation” as opposed to “regulation.”[8] The 2011 version was tabled until after the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) entered into force last December. It should be noted that this standard also specifically states in its Forward that it is intended to elaborate upon the global small arms control framework, of which the ATT is now part. In essence, the standard itself clarifies it is designed to elaborate, among other things, model national implementing regulations, after-the-fact back-door ATT treaty provisions.
  3. Involvement. The official UN ISACS MSI website does not list any official American involvement in the ISACS MSI.[9] However, the internal UN participation list obtained by TSM Worldwide LLC shows that BATF’s Senior International Affairs Advisor, Mr. Bill Kullman, has been involved for years. The UN’s ISACS MSI participant list shows Mr. Kullman is not alone. Three US Department of State officials have also been been involved: Mr. Paul Shott, Mr. Sho Morimoto, and Mr. Steven Costner.

Finally, I would like to encourage industry and pro-gun civil society groups, along with concerned leaders on Capitol Hill, to urge the Obama Administration to account for its suspicious “off the books” participation in the scandalously defective UN ISACS MSI, and its apparent willingness to hastily operationalize its latest controversial normative output.[10]

Unless the Obama Administration withdraws completely from or demands a fundamental reset and/or major reform of this UN agency-captured and undemocratic transnational lawmaking effort, the Administration’s continuing secret and silent partnership can only be seen as treacherous complicity in the systematic prejudicing of the interests of the United States, the subordination of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the complete disregard for the rights of the broader shooting industry and the 62% of stake-holding American citizens (198 million voters) who believe having a gun at home makes them safer.[11]

Here are just a few questions raised by the BATF and UN ammo ban proposals:

  1. Does the BATF and US State Department secretly coordinate to offshore aspects of domestic firearms policy making to the UN’s ISACS MSI?
  2. If the BATF and US Department of State do not offshore aspects of domestic firearms policy making, what then is the nature of the US participation in the UN ISACS MSI? Why are four US officials listed on the UN’s own internal participant list and none are listed on the UN’s public website?
  3. Are there really only just four US government representatives involved in the ISACS MSI? If there are more, who are they and what have they been up to?
  4. What have each of the US officials contributed or communicated to the UN ISACS MSI Coordinator and/or his sponsors over the years?
  5. Does the US Government work through Canadian, Australian, or other officials abroad to develop international small arms control standards?
  6. What explains the extremely close timing and sequence of the UN and BATF proposals?
  7. Does the UN’s Coordinating Activity on Small Arms, the multi-agency sponsor of the UN ISACS MSI, direct or influence the BATF?
  8. Did the BATF provide the new definition of armor piercing ammunition now seen in the 2015 draft UN standard on national regulation of civil access to small arms?
  9. Did the BATF wait for the UN to announce its proposed ban as international normative cover for BATF’s domestic policy proposal?
  10. Why did the BATF propose its ammunition policy change before the UN’s own comment period closed? Was this because the UN’s own comment period is understood to be just for show and/or that this part of the draft won’t actually change?
  11. As the competent US regulator, why hasn’t the BATF provided any public comments to the UN on any UN draft or approved international standards on small arms control?
  12. Who in the government, on behalf the citizens of the United States, has been defending America’s national interests by discouraging the development of biased, arbitrary and/or prejudicial international small arms control norms and/or customary international law?
  13. It is customary in international standards development undertakings to equate silence with consent. Does the silence of the Obama Administration mean that it agrees and supports everything that the UN ISACS MSI has produced?
  14. What exactly is the official position of the US Government with respect to the UN ISACS MSI?
  15. What’s the position of the US government on the 2015 draft UN standard detailing model national regulations on civilian access to small arms, standard 3.30 version 3.1?
  16. Is the UN ISACS MSI a credible international standards development undertaking? Does the UN ISACS have any normative value? Does it create obligations for American actors (US rulemakers, lawmakers, judges, corporations, non-profits, private citizens)?
  17. The UN ISACS MSI is evidently part of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) implementation process. This has been confirmed in the preface of each ISACS published by the UN since the UN General Assembly approved the ATT in 2013. If this is true, and the US Government is barred from spending any money or supporting the domestic implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty, why are at least four US government officials participating in the UN ISACS MSI still? Why hasn’t the US spoken out in opposition to the UN ISACS MSI process and its ouputs. And why is the United States playing host to the UN ISACS MSI Coordinator and his team in New York?


[1] A majority of lawmakers in both the US House of Representatives and Senate have signed-off on two letters sent to the BATF from of their respective Judiciary Committee Chairs. The letter from the House is here: The letter from the Senate is here:

[2] See Patrick Mc Carthy. ‘Email To ISACS Participants Announcing ISACS 3.3 v. 3.1 Comment Period Open 19 January 2015 (US Officials Highlighted)‘ 19 January 2015. See also United Nations. ‘Draft International Small Arms Control Standard 3.3 v. 3.1 National Regulation of Civilian Access to Small Arms and Light Weapons.‘ 2015

[3] BATF. ‘Notice of Publication Error.’ 6 March 2015. Accessed 19 March.

[4] The Administrative Procedures Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 533) states “general notice of proposed rulemaking shall be published in the Federal Register.” Online:

[5] Mr. Josh Earnest, the Press Secretary to the President of the United States, suggested on 2 March 2015 that the latest Obama ammo ban priority “was valuable for one reason alone…to protect our brave men and women in law enforcement” from armor piercing ammo. His comments suggest there is data suggesting this policy change is constitutionally narrow and rationally tailored to an actual problem or threat to public safety. The fact is that the so-called threat the Administration is responding is hypothetical as it does not appear the US Government can point to one case where a law enforcement officer has been injured or killed by the ammunition it seeks to ban, let alone an officer killed after the bullets penetrated body armor. See Josh Earnest. White House Press Secretary. ‘Press Briefing on 2 March 2015.’ .

[6] ATF. ‘ATF Framework for Determining Whether Certain Projectiles Are Primarily Intended For Sporting Purposes.’ 13 February 2015.

[7] TSM Worldwide LLC. ‘Event Alert on UN ISACS Draft Standard on National Regulation of Civilian Access to Small Arms and Light Weapons.‘ 5 February 2015.

[8] United Nations. ‘Draft International Small Arms Standard 3.3 version 3.0 National Controls Over the Access of Civilians to Small Arms and Light Weapons.‘ 2011.

[9] See the UN ISACS MSI website here for a public listing of ISACS partners.

[10] For more on the defective aspects of the broader UN ISACS MSI, see Jeff Moran. ‘The American Position: UN International Small Arms Control Standards.’ TSM Worldwide LLC. Updated 12 February 2015. For a collection of reference documents see Online Document Repository: UN International Small Arms Control Standards Multi-stakeholder Initiative.’ TSM Worldwide LLC. 23 March 2015.

[11] Justin McCarthy. ‘More Than Six in 10 Americans Say Guns Make Homes Safer.’ Gallup. 7 November 2014.

Distribution Notice

© TSM Worldwide LLC. Online republication and redistribution are authorized when this entire publication (including title, byline, notes, hyper-links, and this distribution note) and linkable URL here are included. See other published international legal items here.

Military Drill Identifying “Hostile” U.S. States Sparks Alarm

army special forcesThe New American – by Alex Newman

A massive U.S. military drill dubbed “Jade Helm 15” lists Texas, Utah, and part of California as “hostile” or “insurgent pocket” territory. The unclassified information about this drill is causing widespread alarm nationwide, with more than a few analysts suggesting it may be some sort of exercise practicing to impose martial law on Americans fed up with an out-of-control federal government. During the exercises, which will take place over the summer, Special Forces from various branches of the military will work with local law-enforcement in scenarios that, to critics at least, sound suspiciously like they are aimed at subduing rebellious American civilians and states amid a civil war or large-scale unrest. The federal government issued a response dismissing the concerns and saying that the training is to help U.S. forces prepare for overseas missions, but not everyone is convinced.

The most alarming components of the drills highlighted by concerned citizens and media commentators surround an unclassified presentation about Jade Helm 15’s “realistic military training” that was apparently leaked. In a graphic showing the territory across which the training will take place — essentially the American Southwest — different states are colored based on the fictional status of their loyalty to Washington. Colorado, Nevada, and most of California, for example, are dark blue, indicating that they are “permissive.” Utah and Texas are both shaded red, indicating that they are “hostile.” Southern California is also red, with a note reading “insurgent pocket.” Arizona is light blue, which in the legend is listed as “uncertain (leaning friendly),” while New Mexico is brown, or “uncertain (leaning hostile).” Two more states, Florida and Louisiana, have reportedly been added to the exercise.

According to the presentation, the eight-week training program involves Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets), Air Force Special Operations Command, Marine Special Operations Command, Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division, and unspecified “interagency partners.” Underneath the logo for the Jade Helm drills, a sword with two arrows crossing it, it reads: “Master the Human Domain.” What exactly that means was not clear, but at least some critics of the exercise have suggested it may be a euphemism for subjugating the population of the United States. Indeed, as other analysts have noted, citing available information, the drill almost certainly has nothing to do with defending the Southern border from invasion. The few details that have been provided, though, are causing concern among analysts.

On a slide explaining “what to expect” during the two-month training program for “unconventional warfare,” the document warns of “increased aircraft in the area at night,” possible noise complaints, personnel carrying weapons with blank ammo, and more. Especially alarming to critics of the program is that “some individuals may conduct suspicious activities designed to prepare them for complex environments overseas,” and that “some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles.” Separately, a slide describing what “realistic military training” means has also raised alarm. The document mentions that it will be conducted “outside of federally owned property” and that it is designed to “ensure proper coordination between DOD representatives and local and regional authorities.” News reports citing military officials said the DEA, FBI, and the “Joint Personnel Recovery Agency” (JPRA) would also be participating.

Citing other recently leaked U.S. military documents such as “FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations” about interning American civilians in camps, using “psyops” (psychological operations) on those detainees to affect their views, and more, David Hodges with the Common Sense Show said the drill is “undoubtedly the most frightening thing to occur on American soil since the Civil War.” In a widely re-published article about the training program, he said it could be “conclusively stated” that the drill was really about “preparing for a Red, White and Blue invasion.” “This is a massive rehearsal for martial law implementation as well as implementing the proverbial and much rumored Red and Blue List and the ‘snatch and grab’ extractions of key resistance figures from the Independent Media as well as uncooperative political figures,” Hodges added. “The various provisions of Jade Helm make it clear just how dangerous this drill truly is.”

Responding to widely expressed concerns that the scheme is “preparation for imposing martial law or subduing right-leaning groups and individuals,” as the military publication Stars and Stripes put it, U.S. Army Special Operations Command denied the accusation. “That notion was proposed by a few individuals who are unfamiliar with how and why USASOC conducts training exercises,” USASOC spokesman Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria was quoted as saying. “This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.” He re-iterated those comments in other interviews as well. Despite being referred to as “routine,” it was not clear whether any similar drill identifying U.S. states as “hostile” had ever taken place — except perhaps amid the Civil War.

In comments quoted by the Houston Chronicle, which made its bias obvious in the first sentence by claiming that the drills had “stirred some ultra-right-wing fears of a government takeover in the Lone Star State,” local law enforcement officials also shed some light on what to expect. “They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” Chief Deputy Roy Boyd with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office was quoted as saying by the paper. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.” A former Army Intelligence officer was also quoted downplaying fears about the drill and suggesting that it was largely routine training.

Separately, the Chronicle attempted to belittle concerns expressed by critics about the program. National radio host Alex Jones, for example — whose audience dwarfs the readership and listenership of many “mainstream” outlets, including the Chronicle — was introduced as part of the “far-right fringe” movement. Jones’ radio show and online portal Infowars played a key role in raising awareness about the drills under the headline “Feds Preparing to Invade Texas, List State as Hostile.” The supposed “journalist” at the Chronicle, apparently unable to contain himself or conceal his extreme bias, went on to describe the website Freedom Outpost, which also raised concerns about the drill and suggested it was practice for domestic martial law, as “ultra-libertarian.”

While local authorities quoted in news reports were aware of the programs and vowed to work with the community to prevent panic or paranoia, it would not be the first time that the Pentagon has alarmed U.S. civilians with its drills. In 2013, a series of “urban warfare” military exercises in major cities including Miami and Houston involving gun fire and black helicopters terrified locals who were unaware of what was going on. As The New American has also reported in recent years, under the Obama administration, military authorities have taken the unprecedented step of bringing troops from Communist China and Russia to do “training drills” with American forces. Other foreign militaries, primarily European, have for decades been practicing citizen disarmament and other drills on U.S. soil, as documented on video by Alex Jones.

Considering the fact that two-thirds of the American people in polls say the federal government is “out of control” and a “threat” to liberty, it is hardly surprising that many citizens do not trust the Obama administration when it performs military drills with law enforcement that it has been militarizing and attempting to nationalize — especially while identifying conservative states as “hostile” enemies. Obama’s invitation of foreign troops loyal to hostile regimes for military training drills in the United States certainly did not help matters. Nor does the fact that the current commander in chief began his political career in the living room of communist terrorist leader Bill Ayers — a man whose terror spree was backed by the Soviet puppet regime of Fidel Castro when it bombed the Pentagon and murdered police officers. Ayers’ terror group, the Weather Underground, planned to exterminate 25 million Americans in camps across the Southwest after taking over, according to FBI agent Larry Grathwohl who infiltrated the organization. “They were dead serious,” Grathwohl said in an video-taped interview.

Of course, the federal government’s recent behavior — ranging from Homeland Security stockpiling massive amounts of hollow-point ammunition to the multiple agencies producing propaganda demonizing U.S. military veterans, Christians, and Americans with mainstream political views as potential terrorists — is also unlikely to inspire trust. In fact, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned just last year that “you are kidding yourself” if you do not think mass internment of U.S. citizens, as happened with Japanese-Americans during World War II, would eventually return to this country.

Jade Helm drill may well just be nothing more than training U.S. forces for “overseas missions,” as officials claim. However, considering the known details of the exercise and the accelerating anti-constitutional lawlessness of the federal government, it is hardly unreasonable to express concerns. In fact, anybody who is not concerned by the current state of U.S. affairs is simply not paying attention.

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at

It's just a training exercise, what could go wrong?

Pew Researcher: Rate Of Illegal Immigrant Males In Workforce 12 Percent Higher Than U.S.-Born Males

Breitbart – by Edwin Mora

WASHINGTON, DC — An illegal immigrant male residing in the United States is more likely to be gainfully employed than a male who is a legal immigrant or U.S.-born citizen, a senior demographer at the Pew Research Center think tank told lawmakers.

In 2012, the most recent year for which data is available, an estimated 91 percent of illegal immigrant males were in the workforce. This compares to 84 percent of legal immigrant men and 79 percent of U.S.-born males, Pew Research Center demographer Jeffrey Passel in written testimony prepared for a March 26 hearing held by the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee.

Put in a different way, legal and illegal immigrant males had a better chance to be in the workforce than U.S.-born men in 2012.

For women, the opposite is true. U.S.-born women are more likely to be in the labor force than immigrant females.

“Unauthorized immigrant men of working age [16 years of age and older] are considerably more likely to be in the workforce than U.S.-born men (91% versus 79%),” Passel declared in his written testimony.

“For women, the opposite is true; only 61% of unauthorized immigrant women are in the labor force, compared with 72% of U.S.-born women,” Mr. Passel continued.

The data provided by the Pew demographer shows that U.S.-born females are more likely to be in the workforce than illegal immigrant women (61%) and legal immigrant women (68%), respectively.

In 2012, there were an estimated 10 million more males (82. 3 million) participating in the workforce than women (72.7 million), according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Overall, there were an estimated 8.1 million workers who are not legally authorized to work, both men and women, participating in the labor force in 2012 by either working or looking for work. Illegal workers made up about 5.1 percent of the labor force, which translates to nearly one-in-twenty U.S. workers, explained Passel.

The labor participation rate covers individuals working or looking for work.

“Unauthorized immigrants are more likely than the overall U.S. population to be of working age and less likely to be young or older,” explained Mr. Passel. “That is one reason that the unauthorized immigrant share of the labor force is higher than its share of the population overall.”

“While there have been some modest changes in labor force participation rates over the past 20 years, the participation of unauthorized immigrant men and women, relative to the U.S.-born population and legal immigrants, has remained essentially unchanged since 2005,” he added.

The top three states with the highest share of illegal immigrants participating in the labor force are Nevada (10.2% of the workforce), California (9.4%), and Texas (8.9%), revealed the Pew Research Center.

Most work in either the service, hospitality, or construction industry.

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Shabbot Shalom! This weeks Sabbath Study - GALATIANS


The Synagogue of Satan: Those Who Claim To Be Judah But Do Lie

The Synagogue of Satan: Those Who Claim To Be Judah But Do Lie - Sun Over Wheat Field
By Brandon T. Ward:
Mainstream Christianity mistakenly believes the twelve tribes of Israel were combined into the single tribe of Judah who they perceive to be God’s chosen people. Christians have allowed themselves to be deceived by this lie as they fail to seek out the scriptures and read God’s Word with understanding. Instead, they rely upon the traditions of man which make void the Word of God. In this study we will document from God’s Word who the twelve tribes of Israel are and who those are that claim to be of the tribe of Judah but do lie. 

Before we start our Bible study, let us ask our Father for wisdom and understanding of His Word, in Jesus Name amen.

In order to bring clarity to this subject, we must first understand that all twelve tribes of Israel are God’s chosen people, not any one particular tribe. Have you ever asked yourself what "chosen" by God even means? The twelve tribes of Israel were chosen to bring forth God’s Word, His message to the people of the world whereby all could know Him, whereby all could come to repentance (Acts 10:36). We should understand, "God is no respecter of persons," He does not pick favorites "But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him," (Acts 10:34). "Fear" would be better translated "revere". We love our Father, we are not afraid of Him and no matter who we are, if we love God and follow His Word we are accepted into His righteous arms.

Today, a part of the tribe of Judah resides in the nation named Israel. However, all twelve tribes of Israel were scattered upon the earth and form the Christian nations of today. Genesis 17:7 documents, God made an “everlasting covenant” with Abraham. Open your Bible and turn with me to the Words of our Father as spoken to Abraham,

Genesis 22:17-18
17 "That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;

18 And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice."

A single nation has fulfilled this, but that nation is not Israel, they could never fulfill this promise by God. The nation named Israel is extremely small including its population and it does not possess the gate of its enemy, nor does it bless the nations of the earth. However, the Christian nations are a blessing to the world by sharing the Word of God and their charitable acts. In addition, The United States of America does possess the gate of its enemy. It would be this nation that ultimately fulfilled this promise. The truth is, the Christian nations are the true decedents of the twelve tribes, this very likely means you. Some of these decedents are the Remnant which God established to pass down the truth from His Word from one generation to the next in order to share it with the world.

To further the point, in Genesis 17:5-6, God told Abraham, “a father of many nations have I made thee... I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee.”  God’s covenant with Abraham was “everlasting,” his children were to be numbered as the sand of the sea including nations and kings. It should be abundantly clear to us that the nation named Israel today does not fit this “everlasting covenant.” Thus documenting the twelve tribes of Israel were not combined into the tribe of Judah, but spread upon the earth as "many nations".

Our Father would continue by stating, "my covenant will I establish with Isaac," (Genesis 17:19). We know from scripture that Isaac’s son is Jacob. Jacob's name was changed to Israel and he is the father of the twelve tribes, who are naturally called Israelites.

If we turn to Genesis 49:1-28 we read, "And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days." Jacob had twelve sons, each son being the father of their specific tribe. If we continue to read Genesis 49, Jacob explains what will happen to each of his twelve son's tribe, not a single tribe, but all twelve of the tribes in the last days.

Turn now to Revelation 7 which documents the 144,000 of the Tribulation are comprised of 12,000 members from each of the twelve tribes. The 144,000 are the Elect who are sealed with God's Word whereby they know the events that consummate the end of this age, including recognizing the appearance of the false messiah, Satan. (Note: Jacob's son Joseph had two sons, Manasses and Ephraim. Manasses replaced the tribe of Dan due to Dan's sin which is why we do not find them below.)

Revelation 7:4-8
4 "And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

5  Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

6  Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthalim were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve thousand.

7  Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.

8  Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand."

God's Word has just documented all twelve tribes exist in the world today, they are all chosen and 12,000 from each tribe will be sealed for the Tribulation. The teaching that only the tribe of Judah is God's chosen is a lie. Remember, the entire point of God's chosen people is to bring forth the Word of God to the world. God's covenant with Abraham was to consist of many nations. Which nations of the world bring forth the Word of God? Do those who claim to be of the tribe of Judah bring forth the Word of God?

Let us now take a look at the nation named Israel today which consists primarily of what many would call Jews, which is to say the bloodline of Judah. Are they all really decedents of the Israelite tribe of Judah? Turn your Bibles with me and listen to the words of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 2:9
9 "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Christ boldly warned us of those who claim to be our brother Judah but do lie and instead are the offspring of Satan. Most Christians would be shocked by this. They would also be shocked to discover over 90% of those in the world who claim to be Jews, those who claim to be the bloodline of Judah are not descendants of the tribe of Judah at all. Rather, 90% identify themselves as Ashkanazi Jews. This does not make them the offspring of Satan, but it does mean they are not a true descendant of Judah.

The Ashkanazi Jews who claim to be of the bloodline of our brother Judah are descendants of an ancient civilization called Khazaria and the peoples were known as Khazars. These people were of Turkish stock from the Orient. They were heathen that adopted the religion known as Judaism, thus taking on the name “Jews.” Let us read what the Jewish and Britannica Encyclopedias have to say concerning the Khazars,

"A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia. The kingdom of the Chazars was firmly established in most of South Russia long before the foundation of the Russian monarchy by the Varangians (855).

Jews have lived on the shores of the Black and Caspian seas since the first centuries of the common era. Historical evidence points to the region of the Ural as the home of the Chazars. Among the classical writers of the Middle Ages they were known as the "Chozars," "Khazirs," "Akatzirs," and "Akatirs," and in the Russian chronicles as "Khwalisses" and "Ugry Byelyye.""

"The chaghan (the king) of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion."

"The most striking characteristic of the Khazars was the apparent adoption of Judaism by the khagan and the greater part of the ruling class in about 740. The circumstances of the conversion remain obscure, the depth of their adoption of Judaism difficult to assess; but the fact itself is undisputed and unparalleled in central Eurasian history. A few scholars have even asserted that the Judaized Khazars were the remote ancestors of many eastern European and Russian Jews."

We can clearly see the Khazars converted to Judaism thus taking on the name Jews. We should note, you cannot become of the tribe of Judah by joining any religion, it is by blood only. Unfortunately, most people fail to understand that fact which is a part of the confusion we see today. So in all actuality these convert Ashkanazi Jews were never slaves in Egypt nor Babylon and never set a foot in the Holy Land they claim is theirs. No wonder Christ gave us a warning concerning the identity of Judah (Revelation 2:9, 3:9).

Long before the recorded history of the Khazars, the twelve tribes of Israel had been infiltrated by the imposter Jews. We can read of this in Joshua 9 where the inhabitants of the land worked deceitfully as they disguised themselves as ambassadors from afar. They “took old sacks upon their asses, and wine bottles, old, and rent, and bound up; And old shoes and clouted upon their feet, and old garments upon them; and all the bread of their provision was dry and mouldy. And they went to Joshua unto the camp at Gilgal, and said unto him, and to the men of Israel, We be come from a far country: now therefore make ye a league with us.

They continued their deception by telling Joshua they heard about the glory of the Israelites God and all He had done for them in Egypt. For that cause, they wanted to be servants of the Israelites. Joshua not consulting with God made a league with them only to find out three days later these men had in fact lied to him and were neighbors. When Joshua inquired as to why they had deceived him, they stated, “Because it was certainly told thy servants, how that the LORD thy God commanded his servant Moses to give you all the land, and to destroy all the inhabitants of the land from before you, therefore we were sore afraid of our lives because of you, and have done this thing.” This command by God is documented in Deuteronomy 20:17 and was required because He knew who these people were and they most definitely “were not of the children of Israel,” (1 Kings 9:20).

Joshua would make yet another mistake by not consulting God first. He would state the deceivers are now cursed and will forever be the servants of Israel serving as bondsmen, servers of water and hewers of wood in the very temple of God (Joshua 9:23). Little known to Joshua, this curse would be upon the Israelites and it would remain with them from that day forward.

Eventually, the nation of Israel was established which included all twelve tribes. However, they fell out of grace with our Father for not heeding His Words and He had the twelve tribes of Israel carried away into captivity, Judah was the last to go. In Jeremiah 24:1-7 God explains He would establish the nation Israel once again. It was described as two baskets of figs which were set before the temple of the Lord. One basket contained good figs while the other basket contained bad figs. This prophecy did not become a reality until the year of our Lord 1948 which we will discuss shortly.

At the time of Ezra when he and the Israelites received permission to return to Israel and rebuild Jerusalem, Ezra stopped on their journey to take count of the tribes. He counted many priests but not one of them was a Livitical priest, which is to say the tribe of Levi (Ezra 8:15). Instead they were all "Nethinims" which are “temple servants,” (Strong’s word 5411)whom David and the princes had appointed for the service of the Levites,” (Ezra 8:20). Yes, those same ones Joshua brought into the temple as servants to do the work of the Livitical priests.

In Matthew 24:32-34, Jesus Christ gave us a parable stating, ‘when the fig tree puts forth leaves we shall know that all scripture will be fulfilled before the end of that generation.’ That generation started with the planting of the fig tree nation, the modern nation named Israel which was established May 14th 1948. The fig leaf is symbolic of Israel and its meaning goes all the way back to the Garden in Genesis where it is first mentioned. Do you have ears to hear?

We are talking about the basket of good and bad figs from Jeremiah 24 who would lay claim to the nation of Israel. The good figs are of our Father. While the bad figs are of Satan and it is they who claim to be of the tribe of Judah but do lie.

In John 8:32 we can witness one of the conversations Christ had with the imposter Jews where He stated, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Christ was talking about being free from sin, but the imposter Jews responded, “We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free,(John 8:33)? We know from Jeremiah 24 that Judah did in fact go into captivity. They are openly admitting they never went into bondage, documenting they are not of the bloodline of Judah. These are imposters who are claiming to be of the tribe of Judah as Christ warned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

In John 8:37 Christ would reply, "I know that ye are Abraham's seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you." The word "know" here is Strong's word 1492 which comes from 3708 meaning, "to appear, perceive." Christ is stating, I know you appear to be of Abraham's seed, just as the tares appear to be of the wheat (Matthew 13:24-30, 34-43). The Words of Christ had no place in them because they are not His sheep, they are not Abraham's seed.

Christ then boldly told the imposter Jews, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it,(John 8:44).

Christ directly called the imposter Jews children of the Devil and Cain who was the first murder. It does not become much clearer than that. But let us document yet another account. Turn your Bibles with me to the Words of Christ as spoken to the imposter Jews.

Matthew 23:33
33 "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

"Generation" (1081) means "offspring". Christ is boldly calling the imposter Jews offspring of Satan himself who was the serpent in the Garden of Eden (Revelation 12:9).

34 "Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:

35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar."

Christ just documented the imposter Jews conversing with Him are the descendants of Cain (who killed Abel) who was the offspring of Satan. It was their offspring who have killed the righteous throughout the generations of man, even unto this day.

The imposter Jews conversing here with Christ are not of the tribe of Judah at all. Rather, they are "Kenites" which is Strong’s word 7017 meaning,

"from H7014; a Kenite or member of the tribe of Kajin: - Kenite."

"Kajin" is Strong’s word 7014 meaning,

"Kajin, the name of the first child, also of a place in Palestine, and of an Oriental tribe: - Cain, Kenite (-s)."

As documented, the word Kenite means children of Cain. Cain was the name of the first child and scripture documents he traveled to the land of Nod where he found a wife. The land of Nod was located east of Eden in the area we know today as the Orient, specifically modern day Mongolia. Cain's children, the Kenites would become known as Khazars and the Orient is where they first made their appearance in recorded history. They are the money changers, some of them were even the Pharisees and scribes of the Bible, the ones who had Christ crucified and deny Him to this day. They claim to be of our brother Judah but do lie (Revelation 2:9, 3:9), they are in fact the children of Cain who was the son of Satan.

Further, we can document the temple servants we read of earlier are none other than Cain's children, the Kenites who were doing the scribe work for Israel.

1 Chronicles 2:55
55 "And the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez; the Tirathites, the Shimeathites, and Suchathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hemath, the father of the house of Rechab."

Why have we been so blind to these simple facts? Because the church was infiltrated long ago by the seed of Satan as we have documented. The Kenites have essentially placed a wall of protection around themselves built on the lie that they are God's chosen people. After centuries of infiltration and lies imagine how polluted the church of today is! Many who try to point out these truths are called anti-Semites. This is a false term to begin with because the Kenites are not from Shem but Satan. This simply is a means to pressure people into believing their lie and it has worked wonderfully for them. Do you have eyes to see?

Let us not forget it was the church leaders who had Christ killed. He knew their works were evil which is why He warned us, "beware of the leaven," (Matthew 16-6:12). The leaven Christ was speaking of was the Kenites who bring in false teaching to dissuade the flock from the truth of God's Word. This is how words like "easter" made their way into the Bible. How the word "Lucifer" was removed from the NIV Bible in Isaiah 14:12. Which leaves the Bible student confused as to which morning star we are talking about, Christ or Satan. And how Ezekiel 13:16-20 was changed from God being against those false prophets who teach the people to fly to save their souls. The NIV changed this to capturing birds which completely alters the intended meaning of the scriptures rendering them void.

Due to the infiltration of Christianity the scriptures are no longer analyzed, instead the traditions of man are taught essentially placing a veil over the Word of God. The spiritual feeding Mainstream Christianity provides today consists of a few verses on Sunday. This has caused the flock to spiritually starve to death whereby they cannot understand the Word of God on any real level. Many Christians have no idea Satan will appear before Christ claiming to be Christ, nor do they understand how the Tribulation will unfold. The only people of the earth who will be able to recognize, stand and overcome Satan are those who ensure they have enough oil in their lamps.

Those who claim to be of our brother Judah but do lie do not love Christ nor do they follow Him, in fact they venomously deny Christ. In John 10:1-30 Christ speaks in a parable before the Kenites, the imposter Jews. “The sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

Our Shepherd is Jesus Christ and we better be able to discern His Voice over the false shepherd, the stranger who will ultimately be Satan disguised as the Lamb playing the role of Christ (Revelation 13:11).

John 10:24-25
24 “Then came the Jews round about him, and said unto him, How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly.

25 Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me."

And indeed they do.

John 10-26:27
26 "But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:"

Then “the Jews took up stones again to stone him,” (John 10:31). The imposter Jews cannot hear the Voice of Jesus because He is not their Shepherd and they are not His sheep. They would end up having Christ crucified and today they are behind the push to remove Christianity from our world.

Christ would give another parable advising us to bear witness of our adversary’s fruits, which is to say their works.

Matthew 7:18-19
18 "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire."

The "tree" is symbolic of man and the "fruit" is symbolic of the works we produce. We can reference this parable in Matthew 13:36-42 where Christ gave us the parable, tares of the field. He would explain in that parable the wheat are the children of God, while the tares are the literal flesh children of Satan who lie and claim to be our brother Judah. The wheat and the tares appear to be the same as they grow together in the field which is the world. The tares only become discernibly different when they put forth their fruit which is a vile poisonous seed. At the harvest, which is the end of this earth age, the tares will be bound and cast into the fire.

Matthew 7:20
20 "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

This is how we can identify the enemy and verify if they are of the bloodline of Cain, by their fruit, their works. So do those who claim to be of our brother Judah put forth good fruit or evil fruit? Do they go by the name of God? In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God states, "my people, which are called by my name." God is Christ and we are Christians.

If you are a Christian you study the Bible and go by the name of Christ. Those who claim to be of our brother Judah and do lie study the Talmud and call their religion Judaism. The Talmud speaks nothing of Christ in a positive light, they do not accept Him as God. Yet, Christians have accepted the term Judeo-Christian which attempts to link the two religions together when they are un-linkable. Christians have once again fallen for lies and deception in these end times because they fail to seek out the scriptures for themselves, instead allowing other men to read it for them. They fail to investigate the religion claiming to be linked to Christ. For that reason Satan and his children are able to use the Christian nations to do their bidding. No wonder God would say, "my people is foolish... they have none understanding," (Jeremiah 4:22)

Let us now take a moment to pause and reflect on what we have learned from God's Word in this study and what it means for us today.

The events of our world are controlled by those who claim to be of the bloodline of Judah but do lie and are in fact the children of Cain, the Kenites, the very offspring of Satan. They are the International Bankers who control not only our money, but our governments as well. They build the foundations of our religious and education systems. They have placed Satan’s noose of bondage around our necks with usury, enslaving our nations and the people of them in debt that cannot be repaid. Usury is contrary to God. God set His people free from bondage, but His people have failed to seek out the truth in the scriptures and allowed themselves to be caught in this trap and brought back into bondage.

Christians have allowed political correctness to reign supreme, chastising those who would teach the truth concerning those who claim to be of Judah. This has essentially built a house of protection around the Kenites, a house built by the synagogue of Satan.

Christians allow their government to send billions of tax payer dollars to the tiny nation of Israel believing they are supporting God's chosen people. Even though Israel displays unwarranted aggression toward their neighbors which include Syria and Iran. The most amazing fact is that it is actually the Christian nations themselves that are God’s chosen people as documented by the "everlasting covenant" God made with Abraham. Chosen to bring forth His Word to the nations of the earth whereby all could be saved.

It is for these causes that deception runs rampant in these end times. Many often ask why “the whole world lieth in wickedness,” (1 John 5:19)? Scripture gives us that answer, because the prince of this world is Satan and his children are the rulers of it (John 12:31, Ephesians 6:10-18). In a sense, the world has already accepted the Mark of the Beast. Their lamps have run out of oil, their flame has already gone out and they have no light to shine through the dark lies of Satan and his children.

The Bible tells us much more about this subject, we have merely rubbed the surface of it in this study. We should take note, the imposter Jews are an extremely small sect of people on a global scale. They comprise a mere .2% of the world’s population, yet they weld the greatest power and influence over the world’s economy, politics, religion and education systems. As we have learned, they weld this great force not because they are chosen by our God, but exactly the opposite. They weld this great force as they are making the way for the prince of this world who is about to be crowned king, their father, the Devil

'Huge surge' of 'unscreened' Muslims flooding U.S.

From WND:

Feds 'admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are'


Muslim immigration from dangerous nations is dramatically higher in recent years, and government assurances that immigrants are being properly screened is “a farce,” according to accomplished author and columnist Paul Sperry.

“It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. This is a big shift in immigration flows,” said Sperry, who is the author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington” and co-author of “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

“It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” said Sperry, who is also a Hoover Institution media fellow and former Washington bureau chief of WND. Sperry frequently writes for the New York Post and Investor’s Business Daily.

The stated reason for the influx in recent years is the rise in refugees from war-torn nations like Syria and Iraq. The number of people accepted from Syria in particular baffles Sperry, who said there is a long standing policy of keeping Syrians at bay.

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! JAN. 27: Secret planting of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims begins in U.S. – Obama hasn’t shown willingness to rescue Christian refugees

“Syria has always been on our terrorist list,” he said. “We have had very strict restrictions on Syrian immigration. Since Syria’s become a failed state, Obama’s increased the number of refugees. By the time he leaves office, we will be importing over 10,000 Syrians into this country. This is a concern because Iraq and Syria are now controlled by the Islamic State.”

In his startling book, “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington,” Paul Sperry uses revealing interviews and classified documents to courageously explain how, for the past 30 years, Islamist extremists have been covertly working to destroy our constitutional government. Get “Infiltration” from the WND Superstore!

The government insists the case of each refugee is carefully scrutinized before he or she is allowed into the U.S. But Sperry said that claim is laughable.

“At the top levels of the administration, DHS and so forth, they claim that these refugees are being vetted,” Sperry said. “But it’s a complete farce. We know that from testimony from the FBI officials who are in charge of that type of vetting process for terrorists coming in under visas and these refugee programs.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Paul Sperry:

What has the FBI testimony shown?

“They admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are, and they can’t find out what type of backgrounds they have, criminal, terrorism or otherwise, because there is no vetting opportunities,” Sperry said. “You can’t vet somebody if you don’t have documentation, police records, etc.”

He said, “Of course, Iraq and Syria are now failed states and the police. There are no police records, so we are not vetting these folks.”

Sperry said it’s a huge gamble to let people from hostile nations enter the U.S. without any meaningful background check.

“We have no idea if they’re going to come into this country to escape terrorism or to carry out terrorism. We have no idea, and they admit as much. For all we know, they could be joining a sleeper cell here,” said Sperry, who noted that Obama has also greatly increased the number of Saudis in the U.S. on student visas.

According to Sperry, the U.S. should be feverishly dialing back its acceptance of Muslims from questionable nations. He said Western Europe is a glaring example of what happens when more scrutiny is not paid to who enters the country. Sperry cites recent terror attacks and plots in Paris, Copenhagen and Brussels as proof that liberal immigration standards and refusal to demand assimilation is a breeding ground for disaster.

“They opened the floodgates for North African Muslims,” he said. “Now they regret it, of course, but it’s too late. Europe regrets doing what we’re doing now. We’re the ones who are rolling out the welcome mat for Muslims from these hostile nations.”

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! JAN. 30: America’s newest ‘Most-Wanted Terrorist’ was ‘refugee’ – FBI: Muslim jhadist might re-enter country, ‘plot attacks on U.S. soil’

While Sperry is quick to clarify that the U.S. contains none of the no-go zones for police that are found in some major European cities, he said political figures in the U.S. are naive to think that Muslims are not effecting major change in communities across the country, including some just a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital.

“That’s just nonsense on stilts,” he said. “These politicians need to get out and go out into some of the communities just in their backyard. Alexandria, Virginia, for example, Bailey’s Crossroad. They actually call that area Northern Virginia-stan.”

Two major Midwestern cities are also cause for major concern to Sperry.

“Then you have Dearbornistan, Michigan, and Minneapolis,” he said. “We’ve brought in so many Somalian refugees that they’ve turned Minneapolis into a terror hot spot. They are very belligerent, very aggressive about asserting their culture onto the West. The Minneapolis mayor is now wearing a hijab when she meets with Muslim leaders.”

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! FEB. 23: DHS hides crucial fact on ‘terrorist influx’ – Mall attackers recruited from 1 state in particular

Asserting the culture leads to a litany of other problems, Sperry said law enforcement has a tough time arresting Muslims in some areas for spousal abuse because it is allowed by the Quran if the wife is disobedient to her husband. He also said honor killings are on the rise, where fathers or brothers are permitted to murder Muslim girls for wearing Western clothing or dating a non-Muslim. Female genital mutilation is also a growing problem.

Sperry said it’s time to stop pretending America is not at war and take concrete measures to keep out people from suspect nations. He believes there’s an obvious place to start.

“They have a list of Muslim countries who are most hostile to the U.S. and the West,” Sperry said. “They rank them. We can start with those countries for a moratorium, putting some curbs on immigration from these countries.”

If the lack of solid background information were not enough, Sperry said the FBI is hopelessly overwhelmed in trying to vet immigrants already in the country, so opening the doors to hundreds of thousands more makes the nation even more vulnerable.

“Our FBI doesn’t even have the resources to get a handle on all of the ISIS/jihadist threat in the Muslim community,” he said. “Now we’re going to lay on top of that all of these new immigrants who are even potentially more radical on top of that threat matrix. I mean that’s just ridiculous.”

But is it fair to let no one in from those countries when surely a sizable percentage has no interest in attacking the U.S.? Sperry said there’s no other choice.

“We just don’t have the information,” he said. “The FBI admits they don’t have the information on the ground that they need, unless the FBI is going to go into these failed states, which isn’t going to happen. They do not have the police records, the police reports that they can make objective decisions on these folks coming in.

“It’s a pure sympathy play to let all these folks in on blind trust. We just cannot do that.”

Obama just took new executive action - again - on immigration

Washington Examiner – by Byron York

This week President Obama took unilateral executive action — again — to change the nation’s immigration laws. Almost no one noticed.

Obama intends to make it easier to bring more foreign guest workers to the United States — likely at significant cost to workers already here — by loosening the rules governing something known as the L-1B visa program. Under the program, a multinational company with offices in the United States can move workers from abroad to live and work in the U.S. for as long as five years in what is known as an intra-company transfer. There are almost no rules concerning what those workers can be paid, so there is no barrier to a company firing American employees and bringing in workers from foreign facilities to replace them at much lower pay.

Companies who transfer workers to the U.S. through an L-1B visa have to show that those workers bring some sort of “specialized knowledge” to the job — that is, they have particular knowledge that would be hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere in the United States. Obama plans to broaden the definition of “specialized knowledge” so much that it could conceivably used to cover just about any foreign worker a company wants to bring here.

Companies transferring foreign workers to the U.S. have to make the case to an “adjudicator” from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It’s not a terribly tough job; the definition of “specialized knowledge” was already pretty loose. In 2006, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general investigated L-1Bs and found that “the program allows for the transfer of workers with ‘specialized knowledge,’ but the term is so broadly defined that adjudicators believe they have little choice but to approve almost all petitions.” Standards were tightened somewhat after the study, but now Obama wants to loosen them again.

Also, under Obama’s new rules, Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudicators will not be able to consider whether or not there are American workers available to do the job when determining whether to grant an L-1B visa. “A petitioner is not required to demonstrate the lack of readily available workers to perform the relevant duties in the United States,” according to Obama’s proposal.

In addition, the president seeks to lower the bar by which Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudicators make an overall judgment on L-1B applications. An applicant, or petitioner, does not have to prove that there is a need for an L-1B worker. Instead, he just has to make a case that an adjudicator can decide is “probably” true. From the Obama rules: “Even if an officer has some doubt about a claim, the petitioner will have satisfied the standard of proof if it submits relevant, probative, and credible evidence…that leads to the conclusion that the claim is ‘more likely than not’ or ‘probably’ true.”

Some experts believe the new Obama rules — promised when the president announced his unilateral immigration overhaul last November — will lead to more abuse of a program that is already being abused. The few Americans who follow such topics have probably heard of the H-1B visa program that brings foreign workers to the United States, but even fewer have heard of the L-1B. “The L-1B is much worse than the H-1B program in terms of its impacts on American workers and the American economy,” says Ron Hira, a professor at Howard University who studies the immigration system. “There are no wage standards — foreign workers can be paid home country wages, which is $6,000 a year for an IT worker in India. American workers can be displaced by L-1B workers. There are no recruitment requirements and no educational requirements (the L-1B worker doesn’t even need a degree).”

That’s not hyperbole; terrible abuses have actually taken place. This is from the opening statement by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, at a hearing last week on immigration reform:

Just last year, a Fremont, California tech company, Electronics for Imaging, Inc., was found by the Department of Labor to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act for having grossly underpaid a group of Indian nationals who the company had transferred on L-1 visas from its office in India to install a new computer system at the headquarters facility in Fremont. Specifically, the company flew eight L-1B workers from Bangalore, India to California and paid them only $1.21 per hour to work 120-hour weeks. The $1.21 hourly rate was equivalent to what the employees made in Indian rupees at their workplace in India. Importantly, though the company was found by the Department of Labor to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act for paying the workers below [California’s] minimum wage, it did not apparently violate any of the terms or conditions of the visa program because there is no prevailing wage requirement.

Hira points out that Electronics for Imaging “isn’t some obscure company. It is a Silicon Valley-based publicly traded firm with more than half a billion dollars in revenue.”

L-1B enforcements are pretty rare, Hira says, because the visa program is “subject to virtually no federal scrutiny or oversight. We have no idea how many L-1 visa holders are here at any time. The only reason the L-1B hasn’t received any scrutiny from the press is because the government collects virtually no data on who is awarded an L-1B and who they work for.”

Now, the president proposes to make L-1Bs easier to obtain. “I’m pleased to announce a new action I’m also taking to make it easier for global companies who are present here today to launch and invest in the U.S.,” Obama said Monday at a gathering called the “SelectUSA Investment Summit” near Washington. “My administration is going to reform the L-1B visa category, which allows corporations to temporarily move workers from a foreign office to a U.S. office in a faster, simpler way.”

By “reform,” Obama means more L-1B visas, more easily obtained. To the scholars who have found that such visa programs lead to American workers being pushed out of their jobs in favor of cheaper foreign replacements, that’s precisely the wrong thing to do. “The president has said explicitly that the goal of this policy is to make it easier for employers to get L-1Bs,” says Ron Hira. “He should be tightening the standards, not loosening them.”

Government and Media Supported Black Violence and Racism: When Blacks Attack, They are the Victim


The Old Man and the Sea of Black Mob Violence

They didn’t count on the Old White Dude with a bat.

But when 55-year old Eddie Motley saw ten black people beating, stomping, kicking, and punching his neighbor and her two teenage boys, and laughing about it, he did not dial 911.

He grabbed a baseball bat and charged.

“Eddie hit the bat on the ground and told them to get off of us,” said Gina Herring, who was observing the assault from the fetal position amid a tangle of kicking boots in front of her Concord, North Carolina home. “If Eddie didn’t step in, I am sure my boys and I would be dead. I was the most scared I have ever been in my life.”

One of the attackers said he had a gun and was going to “blow my head off,” said Herring. “Another, a 14-year-old named Nijel, said ‘I’m tired of y’all white people killing my brothers,’ then he spit on me.”

Herring met Nijel and several other members of the mob three months before when she moved into the neighborhood. Her teenage boys had invited them over to play videogames.

“I made them all grilled cheese sandwiches,” Herring said. “But after they left, we discovered they had stolen several things from our house. So we did not invite them back.”

But they came back anyway, once trying to break in, not knowing that Herring’s son was at home.

Finally, after three months, on March 16, Nigel and a 16-year-old girl met Herring’s 14-year-old son at the bus stop, threatening him with violence. “They chased him to our house, saying ‘get that white boy, get that white boy,’” Herring said.

Herring’s other son ran outside to defend his younger brother. The group of two attackers swelled to ten, many much older. Gina Herring is now charged with a crime for trying to pull the attackers off her sons, before getting knocked to the ground herself.

Enter the Old White Dude with the bat. “I yelled, ‘Stop, stop,’” Motley told the local Fox affiliate. “But they would not stop.”

Several members of the mob, including 18-year-old Isaiah Faggert, let Mr. Motley know they did not appreciate his interference in what, up until then, was a standard case of black-on-white hyper-violence, involving characters with the standard Facebook posts glorifying – and bragging about – crime, violence, drugs, and the thug life.

On Faggert’s page, the grinning young man shows off his gold dental grill and tats. “Fear Me,” said one. All on full display when “they went to attack Motley and they busted out the windows on his car and house,” as Herring put it.

Mr. Motley then hit Mr. Faggert in the face with the bat, breaking his jaw and taking all the fight out of Faggert, and the other nine members of the mob as well. All with one swing.

That is when the media and public officials gathered around Motley and congratulated him for his heroism. For saving the damsel in distress from a case of wicked racial violence.

Oh, yeah – that last part did not happen.

In fact, when police arrived, they arrested Motley for assault. Ditto for Gina Herring. A couple of members of the mob were also served with warrants.

The local media ate it up, especially the TV news station with the anchor who is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists, who took turns manufacturing outrage with the black reporter who could scarcely believe the bad things that had been visited on the angelic Mr. Faggert.

Soon after, Faggert’s mother got into the act. It was all a big misunderstanding, she said on Facebook. Her son was alternately trying to help his “little cousin” as Herring and her two boys beat them unmercifully. Or her son was trying rescue the Herring family from an unmerciful mob beating.

Either way, her son was the victim of a hate crime at the hands of the evil Eddie Motley, who targeted her son only because he was black. Another Trayvon. Another Michael Brown. This is a long list. And as for that mishmash of recent charges against him for drugs and violence, well, that’s easily explained, too – a result of more of the same racism relentlessly directed at black people.

She insists that Isaiah – Zay – was not an eager participant in another episode of black mob violence, the kind documented in that scintillating best-seller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.

The book has a chapter documenting victims of black mob violence charged with a crime after defending themselves.

Soon the rest of Concord and the region picked up the drum beat of victimization: this was just another example of relentless white racism and violence, directed at black people, all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything.

“He was beaten by a 55-year old KKK member while he was trying to help his cousin who was being pushed around,” said one friend of the family on Facebook. “This wasn’t Ferguson. This was right here in Concord.”

Of course, Motley is not a member of the Klan. Even so, the posting garnered at least 11,688 shares on Facebook.

The threats followed soon after: “Let’s set their house on fire,” suggested one supporter of the Faggert family.

Others posted Motley’s address, with an admonition: “It’s clear the police didn’t do much,” said one. Motley is “continuing to show his hatred by continuing his attacks on this woman’s kids. I’m starting to believe in the popular saying ‘protect and kill’ because I don’t see too many innocent people being served. Racism is very much alive.”

“It’s war now,” said Isaiah’s mom.

Soon after the assault, the usual suspects had the usual community meeting to complain about the usual relentless white racism and violence. But this time with a twist: the organizer of the Justice for Zay rally had to hold the meeting in a white church because he said all of the black churches were afraid of church bombings.

Which apparently happen all the time whenever black people complain about the relentless white racism and violence against them. And anyone who knew anything about Martin or Malcolm or Tupac or any of the other icons cited at the rally would know that.

Since the assault, large groups of black people have been congregating near the homes of Motley and Herring, threatening and throwing things at them.
Motley has had to call the police several times. His landscaping business is suffering after the adverse publicity.

Gina Herring has pulled her children out of school because of the threats, and several of her friends have opened a account for Motley and her to cover their legal expenses. And her moving costs.

For psychologist Marlin Newburn, this racial violence and denial all have a familiar – and disturbing – ring.

“The worst elements of the black community, and those that use them for power and profit, now know they have widespread (and mindless) support and defense for whatever violence they feel the impulse to commit,” Newburn said.

“In the eyes of this black mob, Ferguson – and the glaring national support, defense, and even adoration of the thug Michael Brown – proves that lying works as they assault non-blacks with a now-perceived impunity. The highest levels of government continues to speak on behalf of Brown, a violent young black man who was assaulting a police officer, even though said government found the officer did nothing wrong. This is gross aiding and abetting of racial violence like this.”

In light of thirty years as a court-appointed psychologist and prison psychologist, this episode of black mob violence in Concord is not Newburn’s first rodeo: “Through the MSM, the popular culture, and liberals in government, the message to black people for years has been that they are not responsible for their actions, nor will there be serious consequences for their violent behavior.”

“The result of this has been disastrous for black people. To the assailants in this crime, their violent assault was righteous, and now know they are backed up all the way to the White House. Adding fuel to this insanity fire is the tragic/comedic myth that the reason for their collective life failures and the gross decay of their communities is due to white people.”

“They had no conscience as they inflicted great violence on these helpless people, and they attacked because they believe they have legitimate license to do so.”

Colin Flaherty is the scintillating and best selling author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.