Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ted Cruz - The Controlled Opposition

How Another Foreign National Plans to be President of the United States

"Secondly, I believe we should expand legal immigration, reduce the barriers, reduce the waiting periods and I've introduced two amendments to significantly expand legal immigration, to double the caps on legal immigration from 675,000 to 1.3 million and to increase temporary high skilled workers by 500%." - U. S. Senator
Rafael Edwardo "Ted" Cruz

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - Vladimir Lenin

Government by Deception

This is the "TEA Party Conservative" Ted Cruz plan. While pounding the drum that he is opposed to Amnesty and wants a Secure Border, Ted hopes you don't hear the next two amendments he wants to add to Senate Bill 744. Ted wants to more than double immigration to this country at a time when almost half of working age Americans are out of work.

If that's isn't enough, he wants to increase the H1B visa FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT. These are the visas for highly skilled workers, you know, the jobs you send your kids to college for so they can get one of those good jobs. But Ted Cruz wants those jobs to go to foreigners, not Americans.

And if that isn't enough, Ted Cruz wants to DOUBLE the general worker visa. If you can't afford to send your kids to college, don't worry, Ted has a plan to keep them at home too - he'll make sure any job they could get also goes to foreigners. This is an Act of War Against America and the very definition of Treason in the US Constitution. This is Ted's amendments in pertinent part:
Cruz 1324: Green Card (LPR) reform to modernize, streamline and expand legal immigration

Provisions of his amendment include:

· Doubling the overall worldwide green card caps from 675,000 visas per year to 1.35 million per year (not including refugees and asylees): [This is in addition to the 1 million immigrants that come here every year without a work related visa.]

o Family-based green cards: Creates a single family-based visa category that treats all immigrant families equally by redefining “immediate relatives” as “spouses, minor children, and parents of citizens or LPRs.”

Cruz 1325: Increase high-skilled temporary worker visas (H-1B visas) five-fold

This amendment would increase the H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. It would also help America retain the people it educates by authorizing dual-intent student visas and address the need for high-skilled labor by creating a block grant to promote domestic high-skilled workers. [Why are we educating foreigners while our own citizens drown in student debt?]

Cruz 1326: Combines Cruz 1324 and Cruz 1325. Implements Green Card reform to streamline and expand legal immigration and increases high-skilled temporary worker visas five fold. [These are for the good jobs Americans go to college to get, only to find companies hiring foreign nationals rather than them, and more often than not turn out to be permanent positions.]

Pay particular attention at the 3:56 mark about his amendment to double immigration in the above video, as well as the "family immigration" quota which is code for the chain migration whereby anyone admitted into the US can then bring in his extended family. Listen to the whole thing, he is talking about HIS AMENDMENT TO Senate Bill 744 - not the bill itself.

While his first two amendments are what we'd expect of a "TEA Party Conservative" to secure the border and no amnesty for illegal aliens, his next two amendments render the first two irrelevant - for what difference does it make if you secure the border and deny the illegals citizenship if you open the flood gates by making everyone else in the world a 'legal' immigrant?  Further what his amendment doesn't call for is deporting these illegal aliens.

This is what Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) had to say about this issue and Ted's amendments:

In a free-market society, wages for workers are set by supply and demand. If a business is unable to attract the number of workers it needs, it must raise wages. Businesses no more have the right to demand central planners in Washington provide them with workers from around the world at desired wages than they have the right to demand a taxpayer bailout.
Would it not better serve the national interest to get our citizens off of welfare and into good jobs with rising pay? Labor force participation is at a 30-year low, welfare spending has eclipsed $1 trillion annually, and wages are now lower than they were in 1999.
Research from Harvard's George Borjas demonstrated that high levels of low-skill immigration from 1980–2000 resulted in a 7.4% wage drop for U.S. workers without a high school diploma. Today, one in three such Americans can't find a job.
But rather than face the reality that more than 40% of U.S. adults are not working, the president and many congressional lawmakers are determined to provide businesses with an easy avenue to avoid hiring these citizens -- especially those who have been chronically unemployed.
The costs are not only economic -- including lower wages and higher unemployment -- but social. Consider a city such as Detroit. One in three Detroit households is on food stamps. The education system is failing, families are breaking apart and millions have been trapped in poverty for generations.
Unemployment has crushing human consequences. Yet this is happening is cities and towns all across America. We have a national obligation to help struggling Americans get back to work, earning incomes that can support a family, and ultimately rescue them from reliance on welfare.
Currently, our federal government spends 100 times more on welfare than job training. Those job training programs we do have are duplicative and inefficient. If businesses think there are no available workers to fill job openings, shouldn't we be more focused on helping our own citizens get the skills they need to re-enter the workforce? Would that not help to improve community conditions and social stability?
Yet, on the heels of the disastrous Senate bill, two key House Republicans [Ted Cruz, et al] are now floating an immigration proposal that would double the already huge increase in low-skill guest workers offered by the Senate. The House needs to repudiate the Senate's destructive proposal, not make it even worse.
Congress must address the large and growing share of the U.S. population that struggles with long-term welfare reliance and unemployment. Rushing in more workers from abroad to fill limited job openings is not the answer.
A nation does owe its fundamental loyalty to its own citizens, and that should be the guiding force in crafting a generous but responsible immigration plan. Businesses are free to ask for special treatment. But elected officials have an obligation to say no.
Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

Then there;'s this:

Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families…

Not a Natural Born Citizen
None of Ted's immigration plans were ever mentioned in his campaign for the Senate; this was deliberate deceit on the part of the Canadian Ted Cruz. 

The question no one is asking is why did the framers of the Constitution require the President to be a "natural born citizen?"

The reason is so that the President would not have divided loyalties.

Neither of Ted's parents were US  citizens. His mother was an American that obtained a Canadian citizenship when she was in Canada, and since Canada does NOT allow dual citizenship, she had to give up her US citizenship at that time, so even his mother was not a US citizen when he was born. His father was a Cuban that also obtained a Canadian citizenship while living there. Ted is a Canadian citizen by birth, born to Canadian citizens.  He is also a US citizen?  He may or may not be a naturalized citizen, but by any definition he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

But his loyalties are divided, no matter what he says.

Ted's wife is a managing director at Goldman Sachs, one of the many businesses that is demanding more immigration, more work visas, and in short, lower wages for working Americans.  Goldman Sachs is also part of the Bankster Cartel that is running the Federal Reserve and promoting a money printing policy that enriches the very wealthy at the expense of the middle class.  Ted Cruz working for the American middle-class?  Hardly.

And that's not all: Right now Ted is fighting for the right of a Canadian Oil Company to trample the rights of American land owners right down the middle of the United States, using "eminent domain" to steal their property. That's right, he wants to give a foreign company the right to use eminent domain against American land owners.

Wait a minute, I thought Ted supported property rights! Apparently not, because he wants to give this Canadian Company the right to claim "eminent domain" to steal land so they can run their pipeline right down the middle of our country.

And contrary to popular belief, this will not provide ANY oil to the US. The sole purpose of this pipe line is to move the oil from Canada to ships in the gulf of Mexico to sell world wide.

This in no way benefits America, in fact it serves to only steal land from those unfortunate enough to be in its way.

Ted an American? Hardly.

And now he wants to claim that he is a "natural born citizen" as that term was understood at the writing of the Constitution? Not hardly Ted; we've been down that road...


The Truth About Ted Cruz:


America, your birthright is being stolen right from under your nose by the very people that you elected thinking that they were on your side; they are not, as we have previously noted here, here, here, here and here.

The tyranny in this country is now way beyond fixing in the next election. The answer to tyranny today is the same as it was in 1775 when it was answered by our forefathers, and it demands an answer from us today.

So Far, Ted has gotten a pass

Immigration is a serious matter in 2013 American and it couldn't get any deadlier than what is proposed by Ted Cruz.  He wants to increase the H1B visa quota FIVE TIMES its current level.  These are the jobs that we send our children to college for and he wants to give those jobs to foreigners!  If anything like this gets passed, ALL of our children will be at home, permanently!  Further he wants to DOUBLE the general worker visas, so this will put ALL Americans in perpetual poverty.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: The most direct attack on America is the expansion of legal immigration to this country. Almost half the people currently living in the US are here as a result of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. The work and student visa program, green cards and refugee programs make illegal immigration look puny.

Contrary to the current meme, our country was not founded by immigrants - it was founded by colonists that forged a new country out of the wilderness for themselves and their posterity. It is our inheritance and it is being sacrificed at the table of political correctness, just as surely as Esau gave up his inheritance for a pot of stew, Americans are giving up their inheritance for the porridge of a false self-righteousness of "multiculturalism" that is nothing but the death of the American way of life and freedom.

These brainwashed Eurotrash socialists and third world bottom-feeders have no history or tradition of natural rights, and in fact have never heard of the concept, or understand that the Constitution was an attempt to codify those natural God-given rights. They do not understand what our Founders understood - that men who are drawn to centers of power are by nature the worst among us, and that laws are needed to keep them in check. They do not understand or respect that the Constitution was written as a witness against the fallen nature of man, and that it is as timeless man's nature, which has not changed, and will not be out-dated until that nature has become angelic.

The descendants of America's founders are being replaced with a foreign people, and this is by design. The American gun-owning, freedom-loving middle-class was the biggest obstacle to One-World-Government-equally-distributed-misery plans of the international bankster cartel. It was no accident that American wages started stagnating in 1970 and have decreased ever since. Simple supply and demand. Since that wasn't enough, more jobs were moved overseas and more foreigners were moved in to take the jobs still here.

Ben Johnson said this about the The 1965 Immigration Act in an article for FrontPageMagazine in 2002:

The 1965 Immigration Act: Anatomy of a Disaster By: Ben Johnson | Tuesday, December 10, 2002

"Despite the overwhelming assurances of the bill's supporters, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act has remade society into the image its critics most feared. Immigration levels topping a million a year will increase U.S. population to 400 million within 50 years. Meanwhile, exponents of multiculturalism insist new arrivals make no effort to assimilate; to do so would be "genocidal," a notion that makes a mockery of real genocides. Instead, long-forgotten grudges are nursed against the white populace. Native citizens take to flight as the neighborhoods around them, the norms in their hometowns, are debased for the convenience of low-paid immigrants and well-heeled businessmen. All the while, indigenous paychecks drop through lower wages and higher taxes collected to provide social services for immigrants. And this only takes into account legal immigration.

"Americans must realize demographic trends are not inevitable, the product of mysterious forces beyond their control. Today's population is the result of yesterday's immigration policy, and that policy is as clearly broken as its backers' assurances were facetious. A rational policy will only come about when native Americans place the national interest above liberal howls of 'prejudice' and 'tribalism.'"

Its only gotten worse since Ben penned this article.

At a time when unemployment is at an all time high, "Conservative" Senator Ted Cruz wants to DOUBLE legal immigration, most of who will vote Democrat or Big Government Republican once they get here and take your job.

When I fart, I usually clear the whole room.

This is a war against the American People and Culture, and the Americans are losing badly and don't even understand why. Most Americans blame only illegal immigration which is a fraction of the problem, and miss the bigger picture of legal immigrants.

I often hear people ask the question of how America became such a divided Nation. Now you know. Americans have purchased so many firearms that many manufacturers of military pattern semi-automatic rifles are back ordered for a year or more, and ammunition has doubled in price, when you can find it, and there are now at least 100 million gun owners in the US. DHS has purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammunition and "assault rifles" for personal protection. America is preparing for a civil war, and to deny it is whistling past the graveyard of history.

They come for Freedom and the American Way!

These are two videos by that are even more relevant today than they were when they were made.  If you haven't see these before, I strongly urge you to watch them now.

And this one by Dennis Michael Lynch.

The Lie about the HB-1 Visa

The American principle of limited government to maximize freedom is in serious peril, as well as our unique American culture and indeed our very lives.  This warning couldn't be more urgent than now, when even the so-called "conservatives" want to destroy America by increasing immigration to our country.  

Ted Kennedy and Ted Cruz, Same Name, Same Lies

And the final Con?  It's the biggest Con of all from the controlled opposition: a Constitutional Convention.

And your favorite "conservatives" are asking the most corrupt congress in history to call for it.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, 'natural God-given rights'? You mean like the right to live where you choose?

WarriorClass said...

You have no right to other people's property, Anon. That extends to countries as well. If you weren't born here you have no right to be here. A whole lot of people are going to learn this the hard way. When you steal other people's property, you may well pay the price with your life. If you are an alien, get out now and save your life.

Warfario said...

I'll bite. Let's suppose someone sells a house to an immigrant. Is that not now their private property?

WarriorClass said...

Well Warfario, let me put it like this: if I was an alien in this country right now, I'd sell that property while I could and get the hell out of Dodge before the SHTF. The people were against the Immigration Act of 1965 and it's subsequent iterations; these were the machinations of an illegitimate government. Now you can hope that government will protect you against 100 million pissed off American gun owners, or you can swear allegiance at the top of your lungs to the Constitution of the United States and hope the people believe you. Either way, if you stay here you are going to be part of the war. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

I am shaking with fear, WarriorClass at your impotence.

WarriorClass said...

Bless your heart, Anon, your courage is amazing!

Warfario said...

OK, where do I fit? On one side, my mother is from Ohio and I can trace my ancestors back to prerevolutionary times (I have at least 4 ancestors who fought in the revolution.) On the other side, my father is Mexican. Which side am I on? Oh, and I fully support the constitution, which no where provides the government (art1, sec8?) with the power to stop immigration.

Also, you ignored my previous question about property rights.

Warfario said...

Oh, and I immigrated from California to Washington, are the people in Washington going to rise up against me? Oh, furthermore I immigrated from the hospital room where I was born (as did everyone I assume), should we just kill everyone in the country?

WarriorClass said...

Good morning Warfario, I see you were up late last night worrying over your status as a US Citizen. I also see you are from California, which does provide clarity as to the source of your confusion. Well you've come to the right place to ask these questions, and I appreciate your faith in me to brilliantly resolve these issues for you. If you were born here in the US to an American mother, you are a citizen. Since your father was a Mexican, you are not a "natural born citizen" as that term was used in the Constitution, and therefore you would not be eligible for the Presidency.

Your understanding of the issue regarding immigration and the Constitution is flawed, but that is understandable given the current state of education in this country, and California in particular. This issue is dealt with in several places but you correctly identified the first one, but failed to understand its meaning. Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 4 "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization..." and paragraph 15 "...and repel invasions" and Article 4, Section 4, "The United States...shall protect each of them against Invasion"

What this boils down to, Warfario, is that the immigration laws established by Congress under these Articles of the Constitution have the effect of law within a functioning and legitimate government.

You also ask again about property rights, which I had previously addressed. Let me state this another way, in regards to an alien's rights to property in this country since that seems to concern you for some reason that is not readily apparent. Any alien that is not here legally, has no rights, to property or anything else, since that person is a foreign invader. Further, some confusion will arise in this regard since some people will think, erroneously, that they are here legally because of the illegitimate laws in this regard that were passed fraudulently and against the will of the American people, such as the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, and its later iterations, and various Supreme Court rulings that have no basis in the Constitution.

Your last two questions in your last comment at 12:21 am this morning indicate a serious mental condition that you should have checked immediately by a competent mental health professional. Nevertheless, these questions are common among people with parents of differing national loyalties and is why this country's founders specifically limited the office of the presidency to "natural born citizens" - that is, citizens born of American citizens who are without conflicting national loyalties or dual citizenships.

With regard to your State residency, I would suggest you stay in any of the liberal states such as Washington or California until your mental issues are resolved - for your own safety and that of others.

And thank you for stopping by and commenting! We love hearing from the statist "progressive" side of the country for the immense fun and entertainment it provides along with the many laughs. Take care now.

Anonymous said...

1. So you are "good" with my type I hope: late 1880s immigrant family that has fought in every conflict since. Mom's fam was from Austria. Dad's fam from Italy. Mom's pop flew B2's in WWII. Dad's grandfather lost an arm in WWI. We have a cousin in Afghanistan now.

2. What do we do?

WarriorClass said...

Anon@July 31, 2013 at 9:03 AM:
Anyone whose family came here before the fraudulent Immigration Reform Act of 1965 is clearly a legitimate citizen of the United States, or who came later as a result of a legitimate marriage to a citizen and swore an oath to the constitution. I have ancestors that were here 100 years before the Revolution (and actually fought the Brits in that battle), and others (American Indian) perhaps thousands of years before that.

But for the most part those people that came later learned American heritage, the culture, and political philosophy of the Founding Fathers and contributed greatly to the life, culture and economy of this great land. Like your family.

My problem is with the massive invasion of a foreign people that not only did not learn these things and fail to assimilate, but worked to change our culture to that of a Socialist dictatorship. As great as our country is, it just could not handle the massive influx of foreigners as allowed since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

If we are to save our American culture and freedoms we have come to expect as Americans and the resulting economic blessings that come from that freedom, we will have to stop the invasion of both "legal" and illegal aliens immediately. We will have to establish a new educational system to teach our traditional American values and concepts of freedom and limited government.

Unfortunately, none of these things will be possible under our current illegitimate government with its fraudulent elections and controlled indoctrination of the government run schools.

So what do we do? What did our forefathers do when they were confronted with a totalitarian government that crushed the people under tyranny? So the question is, do we have the Faith of our forefathers to meet this situation as they did? That remains to be seen, but I know that there are pockets of people with that Faith scattered around this country.

This current regime will also wake more people up as they continue doing what they do best - destroy the country, the schools, the economy and the moral fiber of the people. A blow back is coming, and the best thing we can do now is prepare ourselves and others for it, and for the reconstruction that must follow. For my prayer for America is that it would return to our roots, our faith and principles of individual freedom which necessitates a limited government that can never again encroach upon those freedoms, and a sensible immigration policy that will never again threaten the American ideal.

I hope that answers your question, and thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty good. Thanks.

You answered the "What should we do?" question nicely. But, I recognize those things already. I hope that makes sense.

What I was really asking is this: "How do we best organize so that we can do what we need to do?"

Or do we just pack up and go "down under?" (jk - but kinda not really)

I am in the Northeast - NJ to be exact. Whole neighborhoods and towns are being transitioned wholesale. The storefronts are abondoned, or replaced by nail salons. It's pretty lame tbh. This wasn't why my great great grandparents came here.

Warfario said...

I'm afraid it is you who doesn't understand the constitution, my friend. Naturalization is the process of becoming a citizen, it is not the process of keeping all immigrants out, therefore congress does not have the power to stop immigration. Furthermore, your belief that immigration is an 'invasion' does not make it one. An invasion requires a foreign state attempting to invade with their army.

Furthermore, a natural born citizen has nothing to do with your parents birth. See perkins v. Elg (1939), or this from the congressional research center, "In addition to historical and textual analysis, numerous holdings and references in federal (and
state) cases for more than a century have clearly indicated that those born in the United States and
subject to its jurisdiction (i.e., not born to foreign diplomats or occupying military forces), even to
alien parents, are citizens “at birth” or “by birth,” and are “natural born,” as opposed to
“naturalized,” U.S. citizens. There is no provision in the Constitution and no controlling
American case law to support a contention that the citizenship of one’s parents governs the
eligibility of a native born U.S. citizen to be President."

My late night comments were a bit facetious, but they had a point to them. Mainly that national boundaries are merely imaginary lines on a map. As historical proof, I offer the fact that no nation around today has existed forever. Therefore your problem appears to be with people who are unsatisfied staying where they are born.

As for your belief that immigrants want to turn this into a socialistic system, I have to disagree completely. Most immigrants are trying to get away from horrible government systems and come to the land of the free. Indeed, most Latinos are both Catholic and Conservative and should normally be Republican leaners. The reason they flock to the democratic party is because of isolationist, xenophobes such as yourself that scare them towards the democrats.

Finally, your belief that I am a statist, progressive couldn't be further from the truth. I am a hard core libertarian who believes people like Ron and Rand Paul don't go far enough. I would have no problem with a Revolution to get rid of this bloated, tyrannical government we have now. However trying to justify it with your logic would not sit well with me.

And not that it matters, but my father was born in California as well.

WarriorClass said...

Anon @ July 31, 2013 at 10:39 AM:

Thank you for your kind remarks. Although I've traveled around the country quite a bit, I've never been to NJ, but I think the North East in general is a bad place to be. If you can't leave there, you MUST organize your friends and neighbors into a cohesive unit with a means of communication and training for your environment. I would suggest a militia type organization, but you'll have to change the concept to your urban or suburban area. Still there are many good resources on organization and training on the web.

Here's one:

And another:

Ultimately, you are going to have to leave there, since it sounds like others such as yourself have already left, so if you can find a job in another State like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah or Nevada, or even norther Idaho, you should make that move now rather than later. Good luck and keep the faith!

WarriorClass said...

Hi again Warfario. First of all I agree that many Latinos are conservatives. I'm a Texan and Texicans and Tejanos have traditionally gotten along very well here and have very similar cultures and ideas about government leaving us the hell alone.

But I have seen so many Mexicans come here with their statist philosophies that it tends to color my perspective, even though I am aware that many others of them are great people and have no desire for socialist dictatorships. I'm happy to hear you are one of the good guys.

You know I have studied the Libertarian philosophy and adhere to a great deal of it, but in its purest form, I think that it is as utopian as the communist versions of utopia. The fact is that there are always going to be bad people in the world and people will form groups to protect themselves - and thus you have the beginnings of government, and you are back to arguing about which form of government is the best. And when you have a governing body, it only exists in the territory that the people who formed that government live in, so you are now back to national boundaries with rules for membership within those boundaries.

Anyway, I apologize for assuming you were a typical progressive Californian, since you have clearly given this more thought than most people.

the4thhorseman said...

I leave you with a quote from Senator Pat McCarran.

I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. America is indeed a joining together of many streams which go to form a mighty river which we call the American way.
However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain.

The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States.... I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation's downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.

Funny thing about Senator McCarran he was a Democrat. Above quote was from June 1952

Anonymous said...

Nice answers to my questions. I've travelled around the country on business for the last 20 years; I've been everywhere. I have been in Detroit for the last 2 years, if you can believe, and it is as bad as they say. Hundreds of millions of sq. ft. of abandoned and dilapidated warehouses and factories - they don't fall down bc they are all made of reinforced concrete. You can see the defeat in the peoples' eyes - those from Warren, Sterling Heights, etc. - they don't know what to do. And I don't know what to tell them. When I go on the road, I am your typical conservative east-coast educated professional that has done well financially. I graduated from Boston College in Electrical Engineering, and also with a Masters in Mathematics. But when I go on the road, I am at a loss as to what I should tell the people. The people that are like us, in a sense. They are rudderless without leaders. They look to me, as an outsider, to provide guidance. I assume they believe I will provide sound advise given that we generally meet in a business context, which is where I am at my best. But I never have any answers for them.

The links you provided were good. I'll read through them, and ask more questions. Thanks again, TXAce. :-D

WarriorClass said...

There is a huge demand now in Houston for electrical engineers with the oil companies (I get recruiters calling me all the time for these since I used to be in the business), and with the highways there you don't have to live there to work there and most people don't. An option to consider anyway.

It is amazing how people don't think for themselves and make the necessary changes in their lives to get out of a dangerous situation, like Detroit. I realize it's not easy, but we have brains to think these things through or we'd be extinct already.

Thanks again for your kind remarks.

Anonymous said...

Warfario said:
"Mainly that national boundaries are merely imaginary lines on a map."

I suggest you try telling that to the immigration clerk next time you visit another country without a visa.

In practice, government has full control over immigration, except when it chooses not to do so selectively.

And perhaps you can have a world where it is as you say, maybe it would be better. But that is exactly the problem: I cannot go to any old place in the world move in and demand that they give me shelter and respect my way of life. Yet, just about anyone can come into my back yard and do just that.

When the countries sending the most immigrants to the US reciprocate in their immigration policies maybe we can talk, until then - enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks TXAce. I have tried getting into the Dakotas with all that shale-oil business, but I just haven't had any luck. Of course, it's very easy for me to score gigs at the financial engineering houses of the world - they sprout like weeds everywhere these days.

So, I read the links. I may need to find a better way to contribute bc I have a defective heart. Unbelievable, right? Anyway, I would need to chat with a doctor about doing one of those weekends, and I'm sure he'd say, "Uh, no." I do alot of business strategy work, and I am very analytical - maybe that's the hook for me to get involved.

On the flip-side of things, and in a somewhat different direction than most of the posts here, let me ask this: What if about half of us just don't want anything to do with the other half any further? (Without getting nasty, that's about the best way I can say it.) I hope that makes sense, and that you understand. That's something the links don't address; they're mostly focused on what happens if the other half gets or takes total control. I am most interested in preventing that scenario, and even more, perhaps even proactively "containing the threat." What are you thinking about things like that, TXAce?

Anonymous said...

@ Warrior Class...

Not sure what you're so worried about... with the number of clearly mentally ill citizens like you exersizing ever more political/policy control, why would anyone want to live in the US?

I know I wouldn't... no way, no how!


WarriorClass said...

Anon @ August 2, 2013 at 4:54 PM:

Absolutely; stay out of the USA! It is very dangerous for you here. You know, we all have guns and many foreigners have died here. Especially in TEXAS!

If you ever find that you absolutely have to come to the US, for god's sake avoid TEXAS! They are all trigger happy rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Always remember that California is below Redneck education levels at this point. For years. In my office, we refer to them as "Retardafornians."

WarriorClass said...

Anon @ August 2, 2013 at 6:17 PM

You'd be surprized how far above the national average that the "redneck education levels" are when you consider that the University of Texas at Austin is among the top in the nation and that Texas A & M graduates some of the best engineers in the country.

WarriorClass said...

Anon @ August 2, 2013 at 3:54 PM

I hear what you're saying and have given it some consideration. We really lost our right of freedom of association with the Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution. Also, the other side would never consent to "just leave us alone."

There's going to be a fight. Not everyone is going to be a rifleman and if that's all we are, we're going to lose and lose badly. Go ahead and find a group and use the talents you have, just be creative in how you apply them and show the others how this benefits the group.

If you haven't already, do some research on 4th generation warfare and think about how your knowledge base and talents can be used in this respect - and I'll tell you now they are VERY valuable, much more so than just being proficient at using a rifle and have far reaching implications for achieving greater success than direct confrontation, which we want to avoid anyway. And then teach these things to your group, which will hopefully include a militia in your area.

Hope this helps. Please do consider using your talents for our Country, just like your forefathers did.

Mogumbo Gono said...

This is news to me. Ted Cruz seemed like one of the good guys. But now you're trearing him down. Is there ANYONE who passes your litmus test?

Earth to poster: the problem is not with someone who does not agree 110% with your ideology. The problem is with the Obama tyrants. Any steps away from their big gov't totalitarian impulses is a step in the right direction. Do we agree on that, or not?

I don't necessarily disagree with you. But really, you need to choose your battles wisely. Is the Trd Cruz montain the hill on which you make your last stand? Are you willing to die to defeat Curz, because he is not a perfect conservative?

We need to oppose the dictators who are eviscerating the Constitution! Not everyone agrees on the same game plan, but we all agree that the Left has taken hold, and must be evicted.

So what if someone doesn't pass your smell test. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. We can sort out the details later.

WarriorClass said...

Mogumbo, I take it by your comment that the English is not your first language?

Nevertheless, you are being played like a cheap violin.

Earth to Mogumbo: it matters not whether the invaders are sanctioned by the illegitimate government or are out-right illegal; they are still destroying the country, and Cruz wants to more than double their numbers. Comprende?

1nativetex said...

OK I can't stand it I'll on this stupid question how about you immigrating to mexico and and just 'chose' to live there and get back with us ok.....because this is the only nation on earth being hammered into subservience by other nation has open borders knowing they will lose their sovereignty....So yep go to Mexico and tell them it's your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to live there....get back to us soon please....

OTH for common sense folks you have a God given right to live where you please, within the confines of the laws of the sovereign nation of your choice....

ScottyGunn said...

Someone please explain when jobs are hard to get, and wages have dropped by 20-25%, are we allowing people to come in for our jobs? This makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

ItWasAboutTime said...

I appreciate your post and giving us insight into someone I was unaware.

The bp9999 said...


RKsharma2012 said...

Please read

to know where US economy is going

Dawg_em said...

Totally accurate and true.
God. Guts. Grub. Guns. Gold.

lfdev said...

We need more sites like yours to expose these wolves in sheep's clothing.

Tranqual said...

I shared this information and more on Ted and Heidi (goldman Sachs/CFR, "Building a North American Community", etc) on Twitter. You wouldn't believe the fire storm against me. It is so depressing. Supposedly Christian Conservatives so freaking deluded/deceived. Cruz buddying up to Trump because he wants those voters. Piggy backing onto Sessions bill. CFR is all you need to know and his own amendments. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump bails in favor of Cruz and we end up with Jeb/Cruz aka McCain/Palin. Cruz is in with the Bushes and I doubt he would buck them. Jeb was supposed to be the heir apparent and W stole the crown. Judgment is coming to America. Warp speed down the rat hole now. Rainbow colors on the White House? a curse.

WarriorClass III said...

I know exactly what you are talking about with all the deluded "Christian conservatives." Judgement is coming on this country quickly.

Keep your head down.

keyesforpres said...

I to am very saddened by the behavior of Cruz supporters. They get so nasty when you point out he is not eligible and that he's terrible on immigration.
They point out his high conservative rating. I personally think he's been very careful with his votes to get that rating so he can hoodwink us all. His yes vote for TPA should put his conservative rating in the basement.
Never has someone been so obviously ineligible for the presidency.

Tranqual said...

I agree. I wondered how he could be from TX and not know about NAU/Nafta Super Hwy, etc. Then I found out Heidi was Goldman Sachs, had recently dropped out of CFR and worked with Robert Pastor on "Building a North American Community" aka the North American Union. They both have deep ties to the Bushes. Met working for W. Heidi was economic advisor for Bush/Cheney. Then there is his whole pro-immigration thing and not being a NBC. I think America is toast. People fall for rhetoric over substance every time. All the top tier are globalists. It would appear they don't own Trump because the establishment is coming unglued. I was hopeful about Rand Paul until I read this, “If you wish to work, if you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you.”
Cruz is a globalist insider. He is shrewd. Meeting with Trump. He wants Trumps people. I don't see Cruz putting himself before the Bushes. Jeb/Cruz? Judgment is coming to America. I do believe that McConnell gave Cruz cover to vote no on the second vote because they have enough. People rationalize it all. I just don't get it. Where are all those people who said O wasn't a natural born citizen?
It's all happening so fast now it's depressing and scary.