Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Soap Box, The Ballot Box and the Ammo Box

What if your vote wasn't counted?  What if no one's vote was counted?  Would that be enough to justify a counter-revolution?

What if you were only allowed to vote for one candidate?  Would you consider that a fair election and a representative government?

What if you were allowed to vote for one of two candidates, but they both supported the same government policies?  Would you consider that a real choice?  Certainly you have a choice between two people, but you have no choice in policy since they are both the same.  Is that a representative government?

What if both candidates supported deficit spending, foreign wars, government healthcare, NSA spying on American citizens, abolition of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution?  What if both candidates supported increased immigration, open borders and a North American Union that erased national boundaries?  What if both candidates supported NAFTA, CAFTA, off-shoring, and other policies that were destructive of American jobs, middle class, and economic freedom?  All of these policies are and were supported by both political parties in the United States.  Did the American people have a choice in these policies?

What if the American people were mislead by controlled propaganda that lied to them and convinced them that these polices were in their best interest?  What if the American people had information withheld by a media network owned by a few select people that want to erase national boundaries to ease the shipment of goods around the world and lower wages in order to completely dominate all trade worldwide?  Is that capitalism? Or is it just one giant monopoly on all information and all goods and services?  Is information freedom a necessary component of a representative government?  If it is, why are both parties so determined to gain absolute control of the internet and alternative media?

If the American people no longer have a representative government, can you say that they are a free people?

Americans often express the ideal of freedom with sayings like, "Freedom is not free," but then live like it is.  How many Americans actually fight for their freedoms?  And if they try do so within the system, a system that is admittedly not representative of the people and doesn't allow real choice, are they not actually lending credibility to a deceptive and tyrannical government?

America was founded by men that put up their own lives and fortunes to secure freedom for themselves and their posterity, by organizing citizen militias to fight the biggest world power of their time.  This required that they pick up their rifles, go out and practice and train together as military units.  At this point, they quit working "within the system" and broke out of the matrix.  

That is a fearful thing.

Like today, there were people so invested in the matrix of their day that they fought against their own countrymen, to their own detriment, and for their own enslavement.  There are many today that will also fight to preserve the comfort of their own enslavement.  This post is not intended for them, for no amount of logic or persuasive argument will pull them from their master's tit; as they are kept mentally enslaved, as the abused woman that refuses to leave her abuser for it is the only life they know and are too fearful to venture something better, either for themselves or their own children.

Rather this post is for you that love freedom more than servitude; whose minds haven't been destroyed by the indoctrination of public schooling, television and its false presentation of popular culture, or the controlled media.  Freedom isn't free; it is an animated contest for the brave - those who like our founding fathers are willing to pick up their rifles and train with their neighbors with the objective to win that cherished freedom for themselves and their posterity.  It is you that must join your local militia, or if you don't have one locally, form one in your area with like-minded patriots.

There is no other way.  There is only one answer to 1984, and that is 1776.  The tyrants will not easily give up their positions of power and you will have to kill people to achieve your objective of freedom and a true representative republic.  If you can't accept that fact, stay home, sit on your couch, and plug back in to the matrix; this battle is not for you.

For the willing, if you don't have a militia in your area, you are going to have to start learning on your own so you can teach those that may follow you.  A good place to start is by reading books by guys that have been there.  THE book on fourth generation warfare is The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century by Colonel Thomas X. Hammes, USMC.

I'd also suggest The Tiger's Way, by H. John Poole.  Mr. Poole has written several books and all of them are valuable to the patriot. Another good book is Guidebook for Marines, published by the Marine Corps Association, Quantico, Virginia.  Another valuable book is Six Ways In & Twelve Ways Out, by George Jasper.  There are many more, but these are a good start.  Also you will need to start studying 4th Generation Warfare and thinking about how you can apply this to your area. 

A Marksman can bring swift justice from long distances.
Also, not everyone is a rifleman and a coordinated effort requires expertise in many areas, so don't discount someone that doesn't have direct combat capabilities from joining your group. Further, since most people live in urban or suburban areas, you don't have to be a sniper to be effective - most shots will be within 50 yards and will not require great marksmanship skills.  A short semiautomatic rifle will be the most effective in this setting. And none of your training for these areas will require camo clothing or training out in the woods, unless you intend to retreat to rural areas in which case you have to consider that if the people there don't know you, you are in danger of becoming a target there as well. The key will be the people you know and trust where ever you end up and having your preps spread among them.

One of the main defensive considerations in both urban and suburban areas is the midnight Gestapo raid, as well as any roving gangs that will appear as our society continues it's spiral into economic desperation.  Watchmen are essential since they can warn everyone in your group of the pending danger and a timely coordinated response to these threats can be achieved.  The best defense is to never allow them entry into anyone of your member's homes.  The one thing they will not expect is a large coordinated response to their aggression since there hasn't been one yet despite the thousands of such warrantless raids that have been conducted in our country.

You will also have to plan for the response of such a defense, because it will come, and it may well come in the form of a drone strike on your position.  This is where you will need technical expertise in your unit.  Drones can be taken out and here is a link that can help. Also, drone operators and manufacturers can be hit in offensive assaults on the ground. Most of the engineering companies that design and manufacture drones are in California and are easily found with an internet search.  It will be up to the people in those areas to deal with that threat or you will have to coordinate with other units in the country to get this done.

In that regard, everyone should become familiar with free-source operating systems that are harder to hack into, such as Ubuntu.  And then start using secure communications that can also be found on line; while these aren't impenetrable, they're better than nothing and you can keep changing formats and locations to slow "them" down.

None of us know how much time we have left to do the necessary training before total tyranny in the form of martial law comes down, so it is essential to use your time wisely. Remember, our founders had their regular jobs that had to be attended to as well as forming and training in their own militias.  If you are fortunate enough to still have a full time job, consider it a blessing - and do your training and preps after work, and thank God you are able to do both.

These are just a few thoughts on winning back our freedom, but you will discover many more ideas as you do your research, training and brainstorming with other patriots.  This is still America and there are still many Americans with the will and know-how to achieve our objectives.  And they are preparing, shouldn't you be too?

Don't buy into the propaganda that Americans are too stupid, too lazy and too out of shape to get the job done, because it is a lie meant only to discourage you and, it's just not true.  Yeah, no doubt that you can find many examples of people that are too stupid and too lazy, and even the alternative media loves to trod these losers out in front of a camera to show the world how stupid Americans are; but they are the minority and they aren't going to be of any consequence to us anyway, as we step over them.  Stay focused on the objectives, tactical and strategic.  Don't even listen to the propaganda; we are no longer part of that matrix.


Anonymous said...

Judge for President!

Anonymous said...

I think Thoreau might have begged to differ on the "you have to kill people" part. Of course if you want to keep your "blessed American lifestyle," you will likely have to fight to the death for it at some point.

Is 3,500 sqr ft and an F350 in the triple garage really worth all that death?

The Kingdom of God is within.

WarriorClass said...

The first, and only, people Jesus took a whip to were the Banksters. And yes, our freedom is worth it.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about an American lifestyle. This is about the freedom to choose.

Your fate is already decided. What it is you cannot know. You will die someday. The choice you have is whether you will live on your feet or your knees. Either way, you will still die.

Anonymous said...

Since we are all dead men walking it comes down to how, not when, you will pass.
I pray that while we yet seek peaceful means to turn the tide we must also keep our powder dry with contingency plans fitting of the challenges we are likely to face.
We should not just yet walk from the ballot box as thousands will be running worthy of our support. The NSA spying is itself the beginning of compromised communications and a serious breach of the 4th Amendment. Supporters must be exposed and routed by those candidates who will make it their central issue!
While the clouds appear dark, it ain't over!
Prepare and prepare well, yes!
Fight with all the tools at our disposal. Ballot in one hand and gun in the other.Prepare first may indeed be the best. Then work peacefully and intelligently to educate those who are not yet lost - just uninformed.
If hell breaks loose... long live liberty!

Larry H said...

Six Ways In & Twelve Ways Out, by George Jasper

A pamphlet. Only one for sale on Amazon, for $125. No reviews.
Interesting title.
In the strategy game Go, one proverb says, "when attacking, think of your retreat".

WarriorClass III said...

I think I paid like $12.50 for it. You can get it for $20 here:

WarriorClass III said...

Highly recommended for the citizen militia.

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