Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Syria is Important

The Antichrist's Attributes 2.0 - Addendum (15 years later)


And the hypocrisy.

But here's the deal.  This is a lot less about Syria than it is about the Bankster Cartel's plan for world war three and a complete take over of the free world and Syria is the key that opens the door.

Nothing is as it seems.  This was planned out by Obama and Putin before Obama's second election.  You remember when Obama told Putin to be patient, that he could do more his second term?  The plan is being set in motion.

There are two things that are important to know now.  The first is that when Syria attacks Israel, Russia is going to nuke America at the same time.  Obama has already set up the situation with his multi-agency "training" for an EMP attack when the lights will go out either in November or December.  This is nothing less than Obama opening the door to Russia and telling them to come and get it.  America's defenses will be down and Russia will send over its nukes when Assad attacks Israel, probably in response to an Israeli attack on Syria. When Damascus is destroyed, you will know what's coming next, because this is the official kick-off.

The war on America and the free world is now hot.  Both Russian and Chinese troops will work with DHS to subdue the American populace after the nuclear attack.  Race wars will be epidemic and there will be total societal collapse and mass starvation.  If you haven't prepared by now, it's too late.  The Chinese will move into the middle east to see what they can plunder there as well.

What most people do not see coming is that the Bankster Cartel is going to lose to Al Assad.  No one is going to go to war against him again for three and a half years because he will be able to vaporize anyone that tries.  For all the Bankster's satanic rituals will not benefit them; the power will go to Al Assad.

This is why we have been warning you to form militias for your own protection; to get out of the major cities and have your preps in place.  No one is going to survive alone; you will have to coordinate with your militias, friends and family to work together to survive what's coming and you will have to protect yourselves from not only the troops but against the race wars and roving bands of hungry, desperate people.

There will be gun confiscation.  Don't give in to it.  It's better to die fighting than to live the slave life they have planned for you who they allow to live.  If you live in the city and can't get out, go anyway.  When you see Damascus destroyed know that you have no more time, get out.

Al Assad will win in the middle East, but the Banksters will continue their war on America and the free world.  This is the beginning of the great Tribulation, so if you are a Torah observant Jew, Christian or are obedient to the Scriptures, you are a target.  They will blame us for the war that they contrived and started.  

This is the end game, folks.  Prepare yourselves as best you can.  Your most effective weapon will be prayer and obedience to Yehovah's Torah.  Yehovah will pour out His Spirit on the believers that hold fast to Him.  He will not leave you alone to go through this birthing and purifying process.  Even if you are martyred, you will go directly into His hands even as a new born is caught up by the midwife.  So if you are a believer, fear not.  What is coming is coming for our benefit, remember that.

If you are a pre-triber, don't lose faith because you are still here and weren't raptured before this began.  That was the whole purpose of that demonic theology - that you will see the tribulation and lose faith because you weren't raptured away, and then fall into the lie of the anti-Christ.

Watch for the signs that Yehovah has given us, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. There will be a sign in heaven for Hanukkah, a light in the sky as bright as the moon. Remember it's all in His Hands.  This is for our purification and birth.  This is the harvest of the many sons of Yehovah, who will become in appearance like the Son of Man.  What ever price we pay here is worth it.

Keep focused on your spirit and His leading.  Stay in prayer.  Hold tight to Him.  He will lead many of you out of danger if you stay sensitive to His leading.  Others will be led for purification and martyrdom, but again, He will not allow you to go through it alone.  His spirit will be strong with you and believe it or not, you will be praising Him as you go through it as your testimony to the world.  Praise Him to the face of the enemy to begin their eternal torment.

Remember, as a believer we seek peace with Yehovah, not peace with the world.  Yeshua did not come to bring peace to the world, but the Sword.  And He gives that Sword to His over-comers (Rev, 14:14).  The man-child in Revelation 12 is not Yeshua, but rather His over-comers, the first fruits who have His appearance and are taken up before the enemy is cast down.

Praise Yehovah!

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